Published 02/11/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

A very well written article by Larry , food for thought and for action.


meandering thoughts: in search of justice, love and mercy

Whilst continuing research on a historical mystery for an upcoming essay, let us not so briefly consider these thoughts.  Our world is suffering critical shortages of justice, love and mercy.  Of course, that is nothing new.  We have several thousand years of recorded history that inform us that mankind has always been collectively deficient in these areas.

Nearly every day, on the national radio newscasts (do not care for TV much anymore) we hear of murders in our country (USA).  Not intending to depress you, dear readers, but it can be depressing when one hears of small children and/or their adult family members, someone’s co-workers, neighbors, or even gang members being killed.  Violent assaults, including those that require hospitalization of the victims, and rapes do not even make the news.  These crimes are both too commonplace and not considered serious enough to stand out…

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