Article 4: The True Self

Published 10/03/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

A stunningly well written article on ‘The Self’ written from over thirty years of Buddhism and Christianity experience and a deep understanding of life from a lay practitioners point of view. My dear friend Linden Thorpe at

Please enjoy
Namaste with Love

Nirvana Linden

The self. Buddhism in general teaches that we should dissolve the ego so that we can be sincerely altruistic and unconditionally loving of all beings. Accordingly, if we cease to be attached to our ‘self,’ which incidentally exists only in our minds, then we can be liberated from all suffering.

We all have ideals for ourselves, our image, our happiness and love, and most human beings naturally want to be popular and loved by those around them. But such an ideal can create conditions for unhappiness or disappointment if we become attached to it and manipulate those around us to believe we are something or someone that actually in all honesty we are not. We may exaggerate, or tell fascinating stories which are not wholly true, or worse, lie, in order to make people think well of us, respect us, like us. A common way of describing this is ‘to reinvent’ ourselves, building a new…

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4 comments on “Article 4: The True Self

  • Dear Mark, thank you so much for inviting me to your site. I love it.
    I hope we can exchange and interact as often as possible. Clearly we are fellow-travellers of passion and devotion, and have been together in many life-times.
    In deepest gassho. A lotus for all your readers and their joy.

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