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What is the difference between I like you and I love you?

Published 06/08/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


What is the difference between

I Like You


I Love You


Beautifully answered by Buddha:

“When you like a flower, you just pick it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily and enjoy it.

The one who understands this, understands life”!

Blessings of love and understanding my friends,

Namaste with love



From Above the Clouds Beauty and Life is Created

Published 18/12/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Above the clouds

The sky is blue

The sun is bright

And all is calm.

gift from god

The rays of light shine down

Towards the earth

Pushing their way

Toward your skin

To keep you warm.


The suns rays warm the earth

Promoting growth

Encouraging birth.


Seedlings sprout

Their heads held high

Upwards they push

Toward the sky.


Buds form on tops of stems

Holding a mystery deep inside

Petals untwine and burst open with Joy.


To the world

A new creation

God’s gift

A sweet sensation

Life, and beauty for all to see

My Dear Friends,

Another attempt at poetry 🙂

Namaste with Love



The Lotus, its beauty awakens to our world

Published 04/12/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


There it sits in all its glory
Perfect pink petals open to the world for all to see

It’s center core burning bright and golden like the sun,
Its stamen fluttering like ballerina’s dancing in the gentle breeze, attracting Bees

Pollination is its goal and its final destination in life
Born from the murky depths of the lake entrapped in mud


Until one day, life awakens its core and the journey to the surface begins
A gentle bud pushing away the mud, rising up to reach the sky

Onward and upward it grows, rising up to break the surface and out into the air, to take its first breath


The coolness of the morning dew settles on the newly formed leaves as they open and spread their way under the jewel, the flower to be


Dragonflies dance from leaf to leaf, butterflies come and go and golden fish play their games of hide and seek below

water fish pond koi artwork lotus flower 1504x991 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_4

The time has come; the grand opening is here, the splash of colour, the gentleness, the joy,
The happiness and smiles on the faces of those who see its birth
Its beauty, its simplicity, its colour, its texture

The Lotus,
A flower worthy of the Buddha
The seat of enlightenment

Nature’s perfection, a gift from high.

Namaste with Love

Appreciating Love

Published 08/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

13 - 1 copy


Thank You Osho for these very wise words.

I always feel sad when I see people picking flowers, I know we all appreciate the beauty of the flower and want to take it home, place it in a jug of fresh water and have the beauty in our home for a few short days, however; when we pick the flower we take away it’s life force and it dies. This is also the same for love, as Osho quite rightly says, Love is to be appreciated and it should not be possessed !

How often do we strangle our love by wanting to own the other person, tie them down to our love and only our love, we can be so possessive that we hurt the other person by smothering them with our love and confining them to our love! We don’t mean any harm but ‘Love hurts’ and we want the other persons love all for ourself.

Love is a beautiful thing, but it is not always the easiest thing to deal with, Love can drive us crazy, love can make us jealous, love can make us possessive, love can be blind, love can break our heart….but love is JOY, love is happiness, love is compassion.


Keep Love in your Heart

Give out some Love Everyday

Receive Love Freely

Be Love.



The Beauty of Nature

Published 24/11/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

Natural Life.

Take a moment to notice
The beauty of the trees.
Sit and take a look
At the dancing leaves.
Note the little child
Laughing, playing with a toy.
Always so full of energy;
Humongous amounts of joy.
Don’t crush the insects,
Who are 1/1000ths of your weight.
They may creep up your path,
But don’t decide their fate.
Life’s not about avoiding storms.
Instead, dance in the rain.
The Earth is so beautiful;
Why must we cause it’s pain?
Take time off your busy schedule
To glance at the starry night.
Because nature is genius.
So pretty, such a sight!

Miranda A.

Source: Natural Life, Beauty of Nature Poem

Lotus Blessings

Published 05/11/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

This short Video is simply Stunning:



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