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Leshan 5

Published 18/05/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear friends,

After my very sad and shocking post re animal cruelty yesterday, I felt the need to bring us back to some peace and tranquility, so i’m continuing my walk with you through the gardens surrounding Leshan Temple and the largest Buddha in the world ‘Dafo’.

These statues and carvings bring me to a calm state of mind as soon as i see them, it’s like walking into a temple, a Church, a Cathedral, a Synagog or a Mosque, these wonderful places of worship are also filled with stunning artworks from ‘God, our creator’ and they are placed all around the world to bring us back to the ‘NOW’, to re-focus our minds to the beauty this world has to offer, to give us time to re-think and to help us focus on what is important in our lives.

I’m truely sorry if my post shocked you yesterday but it is part of this crazy world we live in and it’s people like us who can make a difference, we can stop cruelty, we can bring peace to this world… if we work ‘Together’!

I do hope you enjoy these images and meditate a little today, re-focus your mind and be at peace with the world!


face in stone



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