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Who would you Invite

Published 11/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

13 - 1-1

Ummm, Interesting question, here is my list.

1. The Buddha

2. Mother Theresa

3. Albert Einstein

4. Plato

5. Nelson Mandela

6. His Holiness The Dali Lama

7. Lao Tzu

If I could have a second sitting I would choose the following:-

1. Winston Churchill

2. Deepak Chopra

3. Carl Jung

4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

5. Henri Cartier Bresson

6. Oprah

7. Confucius

This is so difficult as there are so many influential people in my life or have touched my life in some way, actually, I would also love the chance to have my Mum and Dad back with me and sit either side of me, also my wife and four children, so thats another table of 8 including me, my closest of friends and other family members, all of which inspire me …the list goes on and on 🙂

Let me know your list and why?



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