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Published 16/04/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



My mind is lost, it’s spinning and it seems to be out of control, and, no matter what I do to control it, it just keeps spinning!

I seem to have lost my clarity of vision, my intuition is clouded and my spiritual pathway has come across a roadblock, just like a great tree has fallen in my way.

I usually see life with such clarity, if an issue, a challenge or a problem arises I normally sit back, meditate and my clarity of vision takes control and within a short space of time I come up with the right way forward, however, right now I’m finding it difficult to be in the ‘Now’ to see things for what they are…and I just don’t know why!

Maybe you, my blogging friends can come up with some reasoning behind what is happening to me right now! Why am I feeling this way? ‘Lost’ is probably the best word to state how I’m feeling right now.



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