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So what are we waiting for?

Published 10/09/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Companies, Politicians and insanely rich individuals are profiteering from this madness!


We are one world, one family under God…We have just lost sight of the importance of life and the value of life!


We need to come together, locally, nationally and globally in order to stop this madness and make right the wrong that goes on on OUR PLANET…..We must not loose focus, this is OUR World and it is not owned by the few!



A Peace of Single Thought

Published 02/09/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


“The peace of the world starts with a single thought. We can all think peace. The next step is to do peace. That is our gift to the world.”

“Our planet is perched on a precipice. We stand at a cross roads of history. Which way will we turn? There is serious conflict raging in many quarters of our world and even in our own cities and families. Peace begins with a single thought. If our mind is full of confusion and inner conflict we will see a world full of confusion and conflict. When are minds are clear and peaceful we see a beautiful and peaceful world. Our external world is a result of our very thoughts. We must deal with the conflict in our own minds not by elimination but by entering into a new relationship with our inner enemy. When we make peace with our minds we bring peace into our immediate outer environment. We are then ready to do peace.”

Namaste my friends


Is it a difficult choice ?

Published 17/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Have you ever seen extreme poverty and hunger with your own eyes? I don’t mean on TV or on a Youtube video? Right there, in front of your eyes, to see that child or the adult sift through garbage with their bare hands and scrape a few mouthfuls of contaminated food scrapings!…I can tell you, it breaks your heart!


Give Thanks and Hold out your Hand Today.

Published 15/06/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Did you know?

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Actually, when I take a look at my life I have everything, in fact far too much of everything. I have food in my fridge, clothes on my back, a roof over my head and a place to sleep. I too have money in the bank, money in my wallet and change in my pocket. I certainly woke up this morning with more health than illness. I have never experienced the dangers of battle, the agony of imprisonment or the horrible pangs of starvation, and I was certainly blessed with a great education and opportunities all throughout my life to learn and grow through the loving care of my parents, the love of my family around me and through my life’s (wonderful) experiences.

But what about the rest of humanity, our brothers and sisters around the world who are far less fortunate than ourselves? Will they have any food and water today? Will they find shelter, put a roof over their head and any form of bed to sleep in tonight? What will they have to endure today to get some coins for some scraps of food? Or will they have to forage in our waste to gain a mouthful of anything to keep then going through the day and the long night ahead of them? Will they be safe tonight and if they survive will they be safe tomorrow? Will they be moved on, thrown out into the cold, will they dodge more bullets again today, shelter in blown up buildings and maybe watch friends, family and loved ones loose their limbs and or they lives?

When we look at what we have around us each and every day, when we really look at our lives, take a moment to observe our day, what we do, what we eat, what we throw away, what we dismiss, who we curse, what we complain about and then look at our beautiful children, see them smile, see them play, see them read, watch them eat and fall asleep in our arms with not a element of fear in their eyes as we leave them tucked up in their beds at night…When we really take a minute to observe what we have in our lives, then and only then can we be Thankful and Grateful for our lives…and maybe then and only then will we try to make a difference in this world, hold out our hands to someone in need, where ever they are and in any way we can!

Make today a special day, make it a day of Gratitude, give thanks for all the great things and people we have in our lives and do something good for someone less fortunate.




Universal Responsibility

Published 14/12/2012 by inspiringyourspirit


Universal Responsibility.

What do we really want to acheive in this life?

Do you want safe water for everyone to drink?

Do you want safe and healthy food for you and your children to eat?

Do you want an end to infant deaths from disease?

Do you want to be able to walk the streets and feel safe?

Are you fed up with all the suffering going on around the world?

Do you feel sick to your stomach when you see animals being persecuted and pushed out of their natural habitats in the pursuit of progress and riches for the few?

Do you want to see an end to War?

This list could go on and on….How much longer can we sit here and do nothing?…

We can make a change, a change for the better!

Our voices must be heard, we need to do our part and take ownership and responsibility as individuals to call the powers to be and make a change to this world!

What can you do today?